As Washington County (and some surrounding counties) recommendations develop, Captivate Creative will be offering limited services which can be practiced with social distancing and safety to both ourselves and our customers. Your safety is our priority, and, in some cases, the project may need to be delayed until such time as we can safely move forward. We are actively working on innovative ways to provide all services with the ability to social distance and minimize contact. In our personal time, we have been fully isolated and following stay in place orders carefully. If anyone with whom we have been in contact reflects Covid-19 symptoms, we will self isolate and discontinue services until such time that we can say we are not a risk. 

One way that we have adapted to these (dare we say unprecedented) times is the development of a fully mobile studio in a 21′ enclosed trailer. With this, we are able to fully plan out social distancing and sanitization. Learn more here. Additionally, we can accomplish outdoor headshots and photography, indoor photography when locations allow plenty of social distance and optimally ventilation, product photography and more while still doing our utmost to provide a safe environment. 

We are continually monitoring the situation and will responsibly back off any activity if contagion risks change in our area or if we have any new concerns. In the meantime, stay safe out there and please reach out if we can be of help! We are here to discuss marketing strategy, plan later shoots and more – all consultations are complimentary. 

When we do schedule, you’ll see us arrive with PPE and all equipment will be sanitized and kept out of the way. Please let us know what we can do to help you feel safe as well! Thank you! 

Donna Leathers Owner, Captivate Creative  (503) 332-8737

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