Policies and Procedures

Gallery Review/Reshoot/Customer Satisfaction


These Terms and Conditions will apply to all work performed by Captive Creative, LLC “CC”, including by not limited to branding, graphic design, photography, website creation (the “Product”.  You are interested in engaging with CC  to provide Product (“You”). You are over 21 years old and if engaging on behalf of a company or organization, You are an authorized representative of Company. 

You selected to work with CC based on our attention to detail and commitment to quality. 

Captivate Creative will perform Services as stated in Contract.  Sample Product has been reviewed prior to engagement, and remains available for review here [website[] and work is to be comparable. CC prides itself on providing fun, efficient, and pre-determined Shoots. You understand that no guarantee can be provided as to the subjective satisfaction with Product; however, CC will do it’s best to address the specific needs as requested prior to Shoot.  You understand and agree that You are responsible for presenting to CC in writing no later that 48-hours prior to Shoot any specific details needed to be included. For example, if subjects need to wear a specific uniform, or dress attire, or lighting feature, all of the above will be required to be entered into the client portal prior to engagement. 

Post-production edits are available for images identified within 72 hours of receipt of gallery at a discounted rate of $X.  Any requests received after 72-hours will be billed at our standard editing rate of $X.   

and You understand that all Product will be comparable  in quality and consistency compared to previous work as shared on website and any samples provided to Client previous to agreement. 

 Every effort will be made to ensure that the shoot goes according to plan and in accordance to the requests and expectations of client that have been discussed. 

CC will accommodate Your requests for reshoot at a cost of 20% discount if requested within x hours/days of receipt of gallery. 

In the event that, upon gallery review, the Client is not satisfied with the resulting images, a gratis reshoot will be possible if the dissatisfaction is a result of: 

  • Demonstrably poor quality images (blurry, pixelated, over or under exposedetc) 

  • Camera shake present in a large percentage of gallery

  • Lack of focus present in a large percentage of gallery

  • Missing images (per initial image list or agreement, if applicable). 

Reshoots will not be guaranteed for the following reasons: 

  • Changed parameters (example: client decides that wardrobe color should be different), 

  • Lack of compliance or ability to follow direction for the correct shot 

  • Changes in location

  • Additional images desired

  • Facial expressions or other subjective differences in expectation out of the control of the photographer.C

Photographer retains discretion for any reshoot, but may offer second shoot at a discounted rate and will strive to accommodate client needs within the parameters of this contract. As with any job, scheduling will be determined based on availability and location accommodation. 

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