Captivate Creative is a photography-centered branding and identity firm established by Captivate Photography as a natural extension of visual branding and design. Process flows from concept and image to implementation and execution. Concept is crucial to meaningful imagery, and this foundation leads to successful implementation for your strategy, marketing and final branding. 

Your image is your brand. Let’s be real; there are a lot of creative agencies out there. There are a LOT of photographers out there. Often, creative agencies work with outside photographers to contract their images. Conversely, many photographers work to delivery agency images which they did not conceptualize. We are driving toward a seamless connection between your images and branding and final results.  We believe that branding works best when these roles are not separated, but are merged in the same process. A wholistic approach to your overall IMAGE, rather than pieces that you are left to construct or an agency offers from multiple outside sources.

You bring your (what makes you wonderful), and we will bring it to the world. Without visibility, even the most beautiful of concepts will never thrive or gain traction. Let us partner with you to that end – and make your (what makes you wonderful) connect and succeed.


Donna Leathers

Founder, Photographer
& Content Developer

Andrea Parker

Administrative Manager
& Accounting

Emily Hass

Image Processing
Manager & Editor

Jonna Valentine

Hair & Makeup

Craig Leathers

Strategic Contributor
& Backend Developer

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